September 25, 2022

The difference between a token and a crypto currency

Certainly, some, no matter the current and experienced users, customers and investors of crypto, may have some doubts or gaps about the “difference between tokens and crypto currency” .

And even more so, of course, when it comes to a full and structured understanding of all the elements or For example, through the use of money, materials or mechanics, such as barter, the removal of value (in shells, stones, beads, feathers, salt, etc.), the use of metals and gems in his natural nature. handled by hand or industrially, representation in the form of paper money, plastic money, and digital money, as is now taken care of.

From this the following can be deduced:

“Money, in its simplest form, is any financial asset that is used as a means of payment (transactional technology). these are three: Serve as a means of payment used to purchase goods and services, as a unit of measurement of the price of goods, goods and services, and store value that can be used as storage ” .

Technologies that have been created and introduced in a short period of time Deify cutting

For this reason, and thinking more than anything else about the Deify rule that is, the world of distributed financial management, today we will discuss a little bit each of the technological ideas that make up the existence of now crypto assets.

And before we get fully into this new topic of Block chain and Deify on the “differences between tokens and crypto currency” , we suggest that at the end of this publication, take a look at the rest of us useful guides, tutorials and related articles with similar topics. So, we’ll leave right below, the following links to some of them. So they can search for them whenever they want:

“Creating your own crypto currency, whether for an individual, group, community, company or country, can be a very good economic and financial plan or project. In addition, it should be noted that, within ‘for over a decade, thousands of althorns and meme tokens have been produced on various Blockchain platforms. Many of them have had fun life cycles, full of many benefits for their creators. ” . How to create a crypto currency: the whole process

What is money?

For the most part, the creation and investment of money It is often associated with the ancient and early human era as a society or civilization. At the same time, its development to date has been characterized by major changes or fundamental advances, in the way it is thought of and used.

Kind of money

This way of thinking about money, over time, means that it can be divided or categorized into several types, namely:

Currency: Before fiat money. It refers to the old method of money management, by relating it to the metal or material of which it is made. Examples: Gold, Silver, cattle and salt, among others.

Fiat Money: The current and general form of legal money. Its acceptance and use depends on the trust of the public, while others will accept it in exchange for goods and services.

Currency: Fiat currency presented in the form of coins and banknotes. It is the most concrete expression of economic value, and one of the most widely accepted to date.

Digital or electronic money: Fiduciary money represented by the exchange of money with electronic devices. Either bank transfer or electronic payment

Virtual currency: A non-fiduciary form of electronic money, i.e., available only in digital form and without legal support from any State. For example, internal revenue from online platforms.

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Crypto Money and Block chain

The existence of Crypto Money or Block chain , which could be a proper name for bit coin, and other crypto assets (crypto currency, althorns and tokens) have not yet been officially announced, legally and globally and are sold worldwide. However, bit coin and many others are struggling to be accepted, accepted and used as a viable form of money, at all levels, i.e., by individuals, groups, communities, companies and so on. Government But that goal is certain to be achieved within a few years.


However, we can say that Crypto Money or Block chain is either:

“A new money system, which is based on protocols (cryptographic algorithms) that run on computer networks (or the Internet). Which doesn’t necessarily have an owner (owner), like the Government (State) Because it could be these, as a result of the operation of a distributed, distributed and independent computer network; in which a common mathematical algorithm establishes the rules of use, while processing and verifying the interactions of all users in the network. ” .


Why was Bit coin created?

Since fiat money, for many, is increasingly being exploited by each government that produces it, it has gradually diminished for individuals (citizens) and other governments. This is for a number of reasons, such as:

Loss of government-sponsored capital gains : By printing money incessantly, as a result of the inability of unlimited tax increases to cover up large financial losses or to conceal large financial losses. the consequences of their corruption or mismanagement.

Misuse by the government By imposing sieges, sanctions and restrictions, illegal or not, solitary or not, on its citizens; and even the control and invasion of privacy through work. In addition, against other citizens in other countries and against the third government

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