September 25, 2022
MIM in Germany

MIM in Germany

A master’s degree in management is a 1.5 to the two-year curriculum for students with prior expertise in Germany. GMAT scores are not really required for admission to MiM courses in Germany but are highly recommended. In addition, several colleges require at least three months of prior job experience. Language proficiency is essential for international applicants (usually English language proficiency). On the other hand, Mannheim Business School requires applicants to be fluent in German because a portion of the course is taught in that language.


Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Leipzig Graduate School of Management are two of Germany’s leading management schools. German state institutions do not collect tuition fees for providing higher education to international students. Some universities, however, may need you to pay a semester fee ranging from $300 to USD 3500. A master’s in management (MIM) at one of Germany’s leading schools will set you back roughly 144-18,000 USD each year. This will cost an Indian student between 11,000 USD and 13.4 lakh INR. The annual cost of living in Germany might reach 63,000 INR.

Why should you study MIM in Germany?

Germany, which educates over 350,000 international students, puts countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada to the test. Approximately 14.90 per cent of students enroll in a post-graduate management course independently. Here are the reasons to consider Germany to study MIM degree:

●    Free education:

This advantage attracts around 35 per cent of international students who prefer Germany to other nations. Even yet, students must pay a minimal administrative fee per semester and their relatively low living costs.

●    World-class Education:

Because of Germany’s world-class education system and well-developed research and development facilities in public and private institutions, 132,726 students enrolled in postgraduate courses at German universities.

●    Bridging the language divide:

The country has addressed this issue by implementing various English-language programs in its colleges. To feel at ease in a foreign place, you only need to learn the language on a fundamental level.

●    Degrees with the highest pay:

A Master of Management student in Germany might earn 118,000 USD per year.

Eligibility to study MIM in Germany:

If you want to study master of management in Germany, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must have earned a diploma from a recognized institution after completing 16 years of higher secondary school.
  • In Germany, every institution requires a bachelor’s degree in a suitable topic.
  • The minimal work experience requirements are enhanced if you have a bachelor’s degree in a non-related field.

Top colleges for MIM in Germany:

1.   Technical University, Munich

Technical University Munich or the University of Excellence, is one of Germany’s top technical universities. TU Munich offers programs through its 15 departments and 13 research centers. The university offers 182-degree programs in Management, Engineering Sciences, Social Sciences, Natural & Life Sciences, and Medicine to the class of 2022. While many TU Munich courses are taught in English, overseas students need to have a basic understanding of the German language.

2.   Mannheim Business School

Mannheim Business School (MBS) of the University of Mannheim was founded in 2005 and is located in the core of the German and European economies in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg. It has AACSB International, EQUIS, and AMBA Triple Crown certification, which is only given to the top 1% of business schools globally.


It has consistently been named first among Germany’s top business schools by numerous organizations. The Mannheim MBA (part-time and full-time), Mannheim & Tongji, Executive MBA, and weekend and modular are MBS’s four worldwide MBA programs. In addition, the school was one of the first to provide a graduate-level Accounting and Taxation curriculum.

3.   ESMT, Berlin

In 2002, 25 top German firms and institutions founded ESMT Berlin. It is Germany’s highest-ranked business school, ranking in the top ten of its business schools. A full-time MBA, a part-time MBA, a blended MBA, an executive MBA, and a master’s in management are all available at the institute.


Germany has maintained a commendable unemployment rate of 2.3 per cent. Almost 62 percent of Germany’s 350,000 international students chose to stay in the country after finishing their studies. Companies hire Masters in management graduates for positions such as analysts, project leads, managers, etc. In Germany, the average pay for Master’s in Management graduates is 105,000 Euro per year, demonstrating a good return on investment.

Approximately 37 per cent of Master of Management graduates are hired in finance, whereas 24 per cent are hired in finance. In Germany, a student with a Master of Management degree can earn up to 96,000 Euros per year. In addition, management graduates from Germany’s leading universities were offered yearly salaries ranging from 77,000 to 137,000 euros. These reasons make MIM in Germany the most suitable option to pursue.

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