September 25, 2022
Car Requires Brake Service

Warning Signs That Your Car Requires Brake Service Right Now

There is no doubt that brakes happen to be among the essential components of your vehicle. However, it is possible that the brakes can start to wear down with time. However, there are times when one cannot figure out the underlying problem. Fortunately, you should not find it difficult to assert that your car requires a brake service right now. But with a bit of attention, you will notice that certain signs indicate a problem with the brake system, and you need the assistance of a professional brake repair service provider.

Signs of a problem with the brake system

  1. You hear some peculiar sounds

It is quite common for brakes to produce some kind of noise because they absorb lots of energy. However, it might be imperative to adjust or replace the device if you hear this noise consistently. Amongst all the different types of sounds that can by a brake, the grinding sound can be a matter of concern since it might indicate that it is time to switch out the brake pads because they have been worn down. If you ignore this problem, it might result in serious damage that can be quite expensive in the long run.

  1. Shaking or vibrating in the steering wheel while braking

On some occasions, you might find the brake pedal or the steering wheel to vibrate or pulse while engaging the brakes. Unfortunately, this can indicate that your vehicle requires a brake service at the earliest. This sort of problem might indicate that the surface of the rotors has become uneven. If any component of the brake‚Äôs rotor is thinner than the other, the brake pads will encounter an uneven surface while applied. This will result in the feeling of pulsation while braking and reduce the brakes’ efficiency.

  1. A brake pedal that is soft and spongy

Under normal conditions, the brake pedal should feel quite firm underfoot underfoot while pressed under normal conditions. However, there might indicate moisture or air within the brake system if the brake pedal appears to be spongy and soft, and you need to depress it to the floor. Otherwise, it might also signify a problem with the master cylinder. If you observe the symptoms mentioned above, then it is certain that your vehicle requires a brake service.

  1. It requires a longer time to bring the car to a halt than usual

This is yet another indication that your automobile requires a brake service. If it takes a longer time to stop your car than usual after applying the brakes, this condition is known as brake fade. It usually happens when the brake pads reach abnormally high temperatures. The pads will get heated up once they make long-term contact with the rotors, minimising their ability to produce fiction. Consequently, it takes a longer time for your vehicle to stop.

  1. Smoke coming out from one of the wheels

If smoke comes out from any particular wheel, it might also indicate that your car requires brake service. This condition might signify that your car has got a stuck brake calliper. If it happens, make sure not to drive and take the help of a reliable mechanic immediately for repairing the brakes.


Under normal circumstances, your brake pads should be able to last for quite some time without any issues whatsoever. However, this will largely depend on your driving habits and the type of vehicle you own. If you find any of these above-mentioned symptoms, do not waste any time and take your car to a trustworthy vehicle repair for the brake service.


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