September 25, 2022
size of helmet

what is the size of helmet I need

Whenever you buy a helmet, the most important question is what size helmet do I need. So at first, you have to find your size. To find your size, take a measuring tape and then measure the size of your head about the width of two fingers above your eyebrows. Size measurement is very easy. But if the size of your head is falling between two sizes, then the best option is to go to the store and try both sizes. After trying the helmet, you will quickly know which size is good for you.

The helmet is the most effective and safest investment for the motorcycle driver. No other part of the motorcycle provides you safety and care in road accidents and crashes. It is why the helmets are not bought according to the price and expenses.  A rider should have to buy a helmet according to the size that fits him correctly. You can also find out tips on how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better? Before purchasing a little helmet, a bit of research is required about the size of the helmet. The most important things to consider when you buy a helmet are:

  • Sizing a motorcycle helmet.
  • Helmet fit.
  • Types of motorcycle helmets.


Before considering the size of the helmet, the most important thing to consider is the shape of the helmet. The shape of the rider’s head plays an important role in the selection of a motorcycle helmet of proper fitting. All manufacturers of helmets try to design a helmet as per the size of the customer’s head. Three different designs of shapes of Hemet are:

  • Long oval.
  • Intermediate oval.
  • Round oval.

Long oval

The long helmet is for an individual whose head shape is longer from front to back, forehead to the back of the skull, then side to side, from one ear to another ear.

Intermediate oval

The intermediate oval-shaped helmet is for individuals whose head is slightly longer from the front to the back than the side to side. Most motorcycle drivers fall in this category because this shape is the most common head shape. If any individuals do not know about the exact size of their helmet, then this size is usually fit for that.

Round oval

Round, oval-shaped helmets are for those individuals whose head is oval. It means that measurements are identical from front to back and side.

Sizing a motorcycle helmet

Measurement of the size of the helmet of a motorcycle is as simple as when you are looking for a well-fitted hat. The best tool to measure the size of a helmet is a seamstress or measuring tape of the tailor. This tape is flexible enough and easily rounded around the individual’s head and gives you accurate measurements to determine the precise size of the helmet. Steps to measure the exact size of the helmet:

  • First, wrap the measurement tape around the head of the rider.
  • Wrap it just above the ears and from the eyes half-inch above the eyes. Take measurements from the forehead.
  • If you want to get the accurate size and measurement, ask your friend for help in this step.
  • Now, take the measurement and then compare these measurements with the bike helmet size chart. Then choose the helmet according to your head size.

You can read more about how to tell if a motorcycle helmet is too small?

The bike helmet size chart is as follow:

  • Size
  • Hat size
  • Head circumference



20.87”-21.26” (53-54cm)



21.65”-22.05” (55-56cm)



22.44”-22.83” (57-58cm)



23.23”-23.62” (59-60cm)



24.02”-24.41” (61-62cm)



24.8”-25.2” (63-64cm)



25.6”-26” (65-66cm)



26.4”-26.8” (67-68cm)



27”-27.5” (69-70cm)

Helmet fit

When you are wearing the new helmet for the first time, the helmet should be slightly tight. The helmet’s interior is coming into contact with most of the parts of the head, but it could not be so restrictive that it does not cause pain. There are no hot spots placed in the helmet, it should be placed where the interior part of the helmet puts pressure on some specific points of the neck and head, but it does not move all-around freely.

Over time, the helmet should adjust according to the size of the head as it is worn for a long time and becomes loose. But, it does not lose so much that the helmet is freely moving around your head.

  • When you wear a helmet for the first time, it should be tight but, with time, loosen.
  • The helmet should be sitting on the head with the upper edge of the eye-port slightly above the eyebrows and provide you good peripheral vision to see side to side.
  • You have to put a finger between the head and the helmet’s interior. If the finger fits easily then, try a smaller size than that. Some models of the helmets allow a change in their cheek pads for better fitting. So always consider this before buying a new helmet.

When you find a perfect size for your helmet, now it is up to you to choose the style and the color of the helmet.

Helmet style

Not so many choices are available for bike riders. The first helmet is open face, but it is the least protective and least restrictive. Open face helmet allows the flow of tons of air since the helmet’s shell does not cover the chin of the rider and the face of the rider. Open face helmet is also known as a half helmet. It is a less expensive helmet than other types of helmets.

Another helmet is close. This helmet is the safest and covers the full face of the rider and provides him protection during any mishap. It is a little expensive but offers extra safety. It does not allow the dust particles to go inside the helmet.



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