September 24, 2022

Top 5 Coffee Franchises in India in 2022

Ah, coffee! What a refreshing way to begin your day. You can even end your day with a dessert while pairing it with a cuppa. Loved by all, coffee is more than just a beverage. To satiate the ever-growing coffee craving of people, coffee shops are growing at rocket speed. This has made grabbing your jolly cup of joe easy.

And why not? India is the sixth-largest producer of coffee in the world. Almost 68% of the populace loves coffee. This makes India a huge consumption market for coffee. It is thus because of the enormous demand for the drink that coffee franchises are gaining their grip in India. Here are the top 5 coffee franchises in India.

The Top 5 Coffee Franchises in India in 2022

Coffee lovers, rejoice. Coffee shops and cafes are welcoming you with their increasing outlets. Thereby, coffee shops have been booming in India. No wonder, the café culture in India is rising. The factors that contribute to this growth include the quality, flavor, and ambiance of the coffee shops.

These cafes and coffee shops are now much more than just being places to sip on their much-loved beverage and savor munchies. Today, these are happening places where you can go for relaxation and even business networking. So without further ado, let us talk about the top 5 coffee franchises in India.

  1. Kumbakonam Degree Coffee

For serious coffee connoisseurs, Kumbakonam Degree Coffee brews authentic filter coffee. It focuses on using undiluted milk to prepare coffee. The purity of the milk is checked with a lactometer. Thus, it is called a coffee degree, also called a meter. Another justification for the degree of coffee is the use of chicory beans to make the coffee. Here, you indulge in the traditional experience of sipping on your favorite cuppa.

A few insightful nuggets about Kumbakonam Degree Coffee are:

  • Among the best coffee shops in India, it was launched in 1992.
  • Its first outlet was opened in kelambakkam Tamilnadu.
  • Kumbakonam Degree Coffee has more than 100 chains in South India. It is rapidly multiplying its franchises in various states of South India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Hyderabad.
  • With coffee varieties, Kumbakonam Degree Coffee also serves traditional snacks of Tamil Nadu.
  • It’s hand-brewed and locally sourced.
  • Some special coffee varieties of Kumbakonam Degree Coffee include Chukku Coffee, Malli Coffee, Milagu Coffee, Coconut Milk Coffee, and Royal Coffee.
  1. Café Coffee Day

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Café Coffee Day also known as CCD is an Indian multinational chain of coffeehouses. Internationally, chains of CCD are present in Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Nepal, and Egypt. Let’s look into CCD a little better:

  • It is the largest café chain in India.
  • Its first outlet was opened in Bangalore in 1996.
  • The man behind the CCD team is V.G. Siddhartha.
  • There are 1319 outlets of CCD across the 28 states of India.
  • The chain grows its coffee an
  • CCD chains have an estate sprawling over 10,000 acres where it grows its coffee.
  • With coffee, CCD also provides chips, sandwiches, cakes, cookies, and water.
  • CCD has a range of coffees like classic cappuccino, espresso, and Irish coffee.

3 Indian Coffee House

A restaurant chain in India, Indian Coffee House is run by a series of worker co-operative societies. Having approximately 400 coffee houses, it marks its presence powerfully in different parts of India.

For generations, it has been a center of Communist and Socialist movements. Therefore, it has been instrumental in the politics of India.

Its prices are surprisingly less but the food quality you get is uncompromised. Let’s delve deep into Indian Coffee House:

  • It is one of the oldest coffee franchises in India.
  • In 1936 Indian coffee shop was started by the coffee cess committee.
  • Its employers manage and control the coffee shop.
  • Food items like idly, dosa, toast, uthappam, and other vegetarian dishes are served with coffee.

Barista Café and Restaurant

The pioneer of coffee culture in India, Barista Coffee Company is one of the most liked coffee chains in India.  Taking pride in their technique and hospitality, it delivers an authentic Italian coffee experience.

Espresso methods are used to brew coffee, and they take pride in its technique and hospitality. Coffee is brewed using espresso approaches.

Barista Coffee is not just limited to India. It also has cafés across Myanmar and Nepal. To know more about it, scroll down.

  • It is the second-largest organized coffee shop in India.
  • It was established in February 2000 by the coffee company limited.
  • It has over 225 Barista Coffee Espresso Cafe and Barista Coffee Kiosks across India including its franchise partners.
  • Espresso methods are used to brew coffee.
  • a different method of extraction is used to determine how much coffee should go into a cup.
  • Along with coffee, Barista also serves scrumptious snacks.


  1. Costa Coffee

Enjoying your favorite cup in a warm, friendly, and relaxed environment revives you to the core. And at Costa Coffee, you have this experience.

For the perfect balance of rich flavor and smooth taste, its iconic Signature Blends are slow-roasted. Here, you can relax in a comfortable place while relishing the fresh taste and finest ingredients.

For people to unwind over interesting conversations over a cup of coffee, Costa sends a warm invite. Here is a glimpse about it:

  • It is one of the largest coffee shop franchises in India.
  • This brand was introduced to India in 2005 from the United Kingdom.
  • It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Whitbread PLC.

Coffee is like a religion to coffee lovers. For coffee addicts and nerds, coffee shops are like a community. Many drink it for an energetic kick start to their day, whereas some consider it as a therapy. With a plethora of choices, you are sure to find the perfect cup of coffee for you.
Happy brewing!

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