September 25, 2022
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What Is The Truth of Moissanite Fine Jewelry?

Is Moissanite Fine Jewelry the Best Option for You?

Moissanite (often spelt moissanite) is one of the newer gemstones to hit the market in recent years, and its popularity has only been increasing since its introduction. This beautiful stone features eye-catching sparkle and brilliance that looks like that of diamonds, making it perfect for engagement rings, wedding rings, and any other pieces of moissanite fine jewelry you can think of! But before you buy your next piece of moissanite fine jewelry, you should consider the following factors to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Let’s Talk About Bridal Sets

If you’re shopping for a new bridal set, moissanite jewellery might be a good option. We’ve discussed in detail why moissanite fine jewelry is an excellent choice if you’re looking to celebrate your relationship on your special day. In summary, it is affordable, gorgeous and comes with a resale value that is unmatched by other stones. It’s no wonder people are opting for moissanite bridal sets more and more! The following guide will help answer some of your questions about buying moissanite fine jewelry as a part of your wedding ensemble. Let’s get started!

What Are The Differences Between Cubic Zirconia, White Sapphire And Moissanite?

If you’re shopping around for a new engagement ring, you might come across these three gemstones: Cubic Zirconia, White Sapphire and Moissanite. But what exactly is moissanite fine jewelry, and how does it differ from other options in terms of quality and price? The following is a breakdown of what each stone offers. Keep reading to learn more about these stones and which one might be right for you. Cubic zirconia has been used as an alternative to diamonds since 1976 when Charles & Colvard patented their CZ material under the trade name Czar. Since then, cubic zirconia has become one of the most common alternatives to diamonds. With a relatively low cost compared to diamond rings, cubic zirconia remains popular among shoppers looking for an affordable moissanite engagement rings option without sacrificing quality or beauty.


It’s Durable

Compared to other gemstones, moissanite fine jewelry is very durable. This makes it a great choice for jewellery that you want to last a lifetime—for example, moissanite bridal sets and other pieces of fine jewellery. In addition to being scratch-resistant, it has an incredible hardness of 9.25 on Mohs’ scale of mineral hardness (diamond is a 10). And unlike many gemstones that can chip or break if dropped, moissanite will stand up to daily wear and tear with ease. A key consideration when choosing fine jewellery—especially wedding bands—is whether it’s durable enough to last through years of wear and tear.

If durability is important to you, then consider purchasing moissanite fine jewelry. Your fiancé might be worried about her beautiful new ring not holding up under everyday wear and tear. It happens all too often: A beautiful piece of fine jewellery just sits in a box because it gets banged around or scratched too easily during everyday use. Moissanite isn’t subject to these same issues because it holds its shape so well and doesn’t get scratched easily. Over time, your moissanite fine jewelry should look nearly as good as it did when you first got it.

Many Variations

Bridal jewellery has to be durable and sparkle. Your choices for diamond wedding rings are between an H&A colour or D-color. With moissanite, you have a range of choices from white with little or no colour, to a D-color in either fine jewellery or lab-created versions. When it comes to hardness and lustre, most people agree that diamonds are slightly better than moissanites, but at levels where most people would never notice any difference! Plus you can order your moissanite bridal set as bright and shiny as you want it! So why not take advantage of a lifetime warranty on all their products too? That’s just icing on the cake.

It seems like moissanite fine jewelry is certainly ready to compete with diamonds and come out on top. At least when it comes to fine jewellery. However, when you’re talking about other areas like big centrepieces for weddings or sweet 16 parties… Well, then I think that’s still up for debate. But what do I know?! Just go ahead and try them both out yourself and see which one is right for you!

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