September 25, 2022
Polished Concrete Floors

Why Consider Polished Concrete Floors for Your Place?

If you start scouring through the various flooring options, polished concrete will emerge to be amounts the top picks. Let’s understand why these surfaces are considered a favourite choice.

There is more to polished concrete than what meets the eyes. It is honed and polished with bonded abrasives to indent cuts on the floor’s surface. Every cut helps refine the floor to the desired level to achieve the desired appearance. It is a multileg procedure with the first step of mechanically grinding the floor.

Generally, heavy machinery is used to polish the concrete surface, which is something similar to the sanding of wood.

Where Can You Use Polished Concrete?

The common places where polished concrete can be used are:

  • Huge warehouses and warehouse outlets
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Auto showrooms
  • Private residences

The Advantages Of Polished Concrete Floors

Owners are increasingly using polished concrete for its advantages and benefits compared to other floors. It can be decorated with decorative concrete and thus helps beautify the space while fortifying it simultaneously.  Moreover, cleaning and maintenance of these surfaces is an easy-breezy task.

The advantages of polished concrete for different places are different. Let’s see how they act differently.

The Benefits In The Residential Sector

Polished concrete in residential sectors includes saving on costs, lasts a long time as it does not get spoiled easily because of its hardy nature and is very easy to maintain and clean. The best thing about it is that you get them in various colours and designs that help to magnify the beauty of your personal space.

 The Benefits In The Retail And Commercial Sector

Easily bear heavy traffic flow- As these sectors are prone to high footfall and traffic every day, they require flooring that is very hard and resistant to wear and tear. So when you install polished concrete on such surfaces, you will not have to get it done from time to time. Plus, the botheration and hassles involved can be done away with.

Easy to maintain- They even require less maintenance, so many owners prefer polished concrete to other floors. Spending huge amounts of money on the upkeep of your place does not help you. So if you want some money to be stashed away in your bank instead of splurging on unnecessary stuff, then definitely opt for polished concrete in your establishment.

Water-resistant- You will not see damps coming out of your floor because they are water-resistant as they are tightly sealed. Again, it serves to reflect light and make the space brighter, so polished concrete is again beneficial in its role as a light reflector. Most importantly, no dangerous chemicals are used for the procedure, and you require absolutely no hazardous chemicals to clean it regularly.

 Which Floors Can Be Polished?

You can polish almost any kind of concrete floor. It does not matter whether the floor is old or new. It can be polished all the same. Like in everything, there is an exception in this case too. You cannot have polished concrete on new floors less than 28 days old. And if your floor is an old one, you will need to have the surface prepared accordingly by professionals before getting it polished concretized.


Polished concrete is extremely durable and tough. It sure will last you a lifetime with as little maintenance as possible. It is easier to maintain than other floor types. And you are sure to see that shine on your floor lasts longer than any other type of floor. So here again, it becomes cost-effective.


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