September 25, 2022
Sandakphu Trek

 Things You Need to Know About the Sandakphu Trek


The Sandakphu trek in Darjeeling, India, is one of the most popular treks in the country for good reason. It’s an awe-inspiring journey, taking you past some of the most spectacular views that Nepal and Darjeeling have to offer, from lush mountainsides to tea plantations to tiny Buddhist villages. But it’s not just the sights on this hike that are phenomenal; it’s also the journey itself. Here are eight things you need to know about the Sandakphu trek before you head out on your own!


 Sandakphu is located in Darjeeling district

The full name of Sandakphu is Shimla-Kalkha Dara Khapho. It is located at an altitude of 11,743 feet above sea level in Darjeeling district. The trekking path to reach here from Jorethang leads through many waterfalls, streams and villages. There are several locations near here that offer some of the best views in India. This includes Kanchenjunga, Everest, Lhotse and Makalu peaks, which you can see on a clear day (which aren’t too frequent). Do not forget your binoculars!


 The closest airport to Sandakphu is Bagdogra

The only airport in West Bengal which is located at a distance of almost 350 kilometers from Darjeeling is Bagdogra. There are direct flight services to Bagdogra from New Delhi and Kolkata. However, there are no direct flights from any major cities in India. So, if you’re coming from outside West Bengal or you live far away from Bagdogra, then you have no other option but to travel by road. The best way would be taking a train directly to Siliguri and then catching a taxi or hiring some shared transport for reaching Bagdogra Airport for your flight to Darjeeling Airport where your journey towards sandakphu trek will begin.


at lead up to Sandakp There are two treks thu

The Jupti-DZ and Bagrakote-Sandakphu. The latter is recommended because it’s not as crowded and it offers more scenic views. This particular trek usually takes around two days with an overnight stay at Chola Lake. Every trek goes through forests full of Rhododendron, subtropical forest, rhododendron forest, pine forests and alpine meadows. It’s also possible to see snow leopards in high altitude areas but that’s very rare. The best time for a Sandakphu trek is between November to April.


 Tips from someone who has been there

  1. Try not to trek during winter months because it can get pretty cold up there. If you do, don’t forget that down jackets, hats and gloves are a must—even in October! 2. If you’re hiking, I recommend bringing trekking poles because they will help with stability on all of those steep inclines as well as when crossing any rivers along your way. 3. You should also be prepared for rain at any time during your trip—especially if you are planning on visiting anytime between September and November. But don’t worry, it doesn’t rain often (thankfully) and most of my trip was fairly dry! 4.


 Where to stay in Ghoom village

There’s only one place you can stay in Ghoom village: Thandang Hotel. Because of its convenient location and friendly staff, it’s often booked out well in advance of peak trekking season (March-May), so it’s a good idea to book your room as early as possible. Rates start at INR 250 for double occupancy with shared bathroom and go up from there (you can find online deals if you plan ahead). Breakfast is available at an additional charge. If you haven’t booked in advance, don’t fret: there are many guest houses available on Pashupatinath Hill just across the suspension bridge; however, it’s not clear whether they’re open during off-season months or not.


 What’s included in your package

The price of your package includes food, accommodation and guides for your entire trip. Your porter will also be paid in advance so you don’t have to worry about being short changed on payments or not having a porter show up when you arrive at base camp. Guides and trekking crew: There are two main roles on your trip: guides and trekking crew. The porters will be carrying almost all of your camping equipment up to base camp, which is 4-5 hours from Nathula Pass (11,100 feet). At base camp, there will likely be another group occupying it that night. As part of their job, they’ll move everyone else’s stuff away from campsite areas so yours can go there instead.


 How much time should you give yourself for this trek?

If you want to do it in a long weekend, you’ll need to leave Kolkata on Thursday night and be back by Monday morning. If you want more time, your trip will have to start a day or two earlier. There are also several trek camps along the way if you want even more time (and if you can afford it). But these are just cabins with basic facilities (there is no electricity or running water), so don’t think of them as anything like a hotel. Think of them as more like an emergency shelter, in case weather conditions turn bad and it takes longer than expected for someone from home base camp to hike out there and help you get back on track.


 Final words

The ‘Sandakphu Trek’ is situated in Darjeeling District of West Bengal. The place derives its name from a local deity known as Singba Devi. ‘Sandak’ means mother goddess and ‘Phu’ means peak in Sherpa language. The peak at Sandak gives breathtaking views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Number and Kanchenjunga range and Jorepokhri which lies above it in Darjeeling district is famous for Buddhist stupas, huge caves with bas-reliefs containing some rare statues from ancient days & stone inscriptions on them. There are many high passes that one can get through for reach Sandak peaks.


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